woo. i havent done anything in a while, so heres a new layout. i wanted to see if i still had any webdesigning skills. i suppose i have a few little ones left somewhere, and i like this but its nothing unique or special. boo hoo. im working on a purse which will be in the projects section as soon as i finish it off to make it all pretty like with lace and shit. i will not be using it either so if anyone wants it...

oh yeah i edited the latest drawing because the lengths of her sleeves was like... WRONG! cool.


holy crap! more updates!


i updated. its a miracle. and lookie what i did its in the art section now. you know, in case you want to see the thumbnail. or compare it to some other bad drawings. yeah.


got this layout up. meh kinda sucky but i'll be damned if i change it in the next... ever. im working on a few projects right now which hopefully will be done soon and uploaded for errr... you to gape at. oh yes. GAPE!